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Customized New Design 10D lipo laser and HiEMT combination

Why we have the new combination of 10D lipo laser and HIEMT technologies?  Many Operators will use Lipo laser to help clients to get rid of heavy fat and loosen skin,with lipolysis working principle: the fat cells are undamaged, due to the reaction of the laser light on the cell, it will empty the contents of fat cells. The contents consist of Water, Glycerol, and free fatty acids, for majority of lipo laser machine working principle, we said, for treating above 3 aspects. Following a treatment the Glycerol or sugar is rapidly absorbed by the body. The water carries the free fatty acids, through the lymphatic system, through the kidneys, and are then passed out of the body in your urine. And then to get body slimming fat loss. But after fat gone, still need to fight with loosen skin and skin problem, the new concept of 10D lipo laser and Hiemt technologies 2 in 1 came out.    What is the working principle of HIEMT technology for body shaping and weight loss? After have a clear learning about HIEMT technology, you may know why there is the customized version coming out :)  and now here it is with mixing lights including 532nm green light for body slimming weight loss and 635nm green light for body pain relieving physical therapy warming treatment application together. Buy one unit get 3 functions at the same time!!   Physical pictures of new combination of 10D lipo laser mixing lights version   More combinations of 10D lipo laser machines. Welcome to chat with our sales, GOMECY will be always here to response your demand!! OEM, ODM Available to do for you with few MOQ requirement.